Rennovation in Style with Quicktiles

With Quicktiles, you can get your home, kitchen, and bathroom renovated at the earliest, and at your own leisure.


Our Gold coast home renovation service focuses on the entire space of your home. From kitchen, bathroom, to lobby, and windows, we refurbish every part of your house. Whatever your need is - whether it's tile replacement, tile restoration, or tile repairs for your house, we do it for you. With our home renovation guidance, your place will be against any damages that can erode your house. We provide both a complete overhaul, as well as repairing of your house. It solely depends on your end objectives, and what condition of your house you wish to have for you.


Tiling renovation can be hard to deal with. But with us, you are assured of a quick, and convenient service. We scan your house completely, clean it thoroughly, take the necessary precautions, and prepare our detailed report. You are then given the opportunity to tweak the strategies to make it suit your needs. We first lay emphasis on the part of the house that constantly gets affected due to stains, or moisture. Each place is first cleansed thoroughly, and then the tile is restored, replaced or renovated depending on the particular requirement. Get your house rebranded with our supreme service now.

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Kitchen Renovations Brisbane

If you want one place to thrive, and keep in safe condition, it has to be your kitchen compartment. Part of this is because it's related with healthy food habits, and also consistent exposure to moisture particles. Which may deteriorate the condition of the tiles steadily. You don't want that to happen, do you? Our kitchen renovation service ensures a long lasting positive effect. As the kitchen is one of the most visited areas of your house, it pays to choose a custom solution for it.

This will help you to sway off the regular tiling problems such as loose tiling, cracked tile, unleveled walls, etc. It's therefore essential to ask experts to renovate your kitchen for maximum results. Having worked in the field for years, and served varied customers, we vow to offer you a secured, and reliable service.

The dimension, and design of the tiles will be selected by you. After you have chosen it, we first do the floor preparation of the kitchen. All stains, and contamination of various sorts are removed. After this, the tiles are fixed properly to avoid leakage, and unbalancing. We make sure the entire process is as economical as it can be. So if you are looking for someone to renovate your kitchen complied with genuine care at a low cost, you are just a call away. Call now.

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Bathroom Renovation Brisbane

With an eye for simplicity, Quicktiles' workers do the renovation of your bathroom with attention to detail. Your bathroom deserves a professional treatment which we provide. We understand not everyone requires a certain fixed size bathroom. Our workers therefore first walks you through the varied size bathroom tiling renovation to cater to your needs. Whatever may be the length, and breadth of the concerned bathroom, we readily make it for you via our bathroom renovation facility.

We will help you choose the ideal design for your bathroom renovation. This includes western bathroom renovations too. Our professionals will assist you to set the perfect layout, and size of the bathroom. All this is done so as to align it with your current home design, and format. You can take advantage of our cadre of professional designers, and competent tiling engineers. Using this dual strength, we have renovated hundreds of bathrooms over the years, and continue to do so. This has provided us with the required level of experience needed to master the service. You get access to top quality bathroom tiles such as ceramic, stone, vinyl, etc. We provide you this in all first, and sizes, and different colours too. We know the residential family time issues, and therefore do our best to not disturb you with your daily schedule. Our team sticks with the discussed deadline, and ensures the work is done on or before it.

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